Bankruptcy Law and Restructuring Law

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As part of our advice to entities with accounting liquidity problems, we offer you our assistance in formulating restructuring and bankruptcy applications required by the new Bankruptcy Law and Restructuring Law. Due to our experience in restructuring the portfolio of liabilities and working with tax advisors and auditors, we can offer you the opportunity to get out of the crisis. We can boastlicensed restructuring advisor (trustees) who have many years of experience as a trustee or a supervisor in the process of bankruptcy.

Due to our experience in bankruptcy proceedings, but primarily in current and permanent cooperation with the insolvency court, legal advisor knows what the necessary elements the bankruptcy application should include, to be recognised without unwanted delay and superfluous clarifications. The knowledge of restructuring advisories in the area of ongoing restructuring proceedings allows us to include in the bankruptcy application all the required information as required by law and by the bankruptcy court, which will shorten the time waiting for a bankruptcy decision.

On the other hand, the gained experience allows us to advise entities whose counterparties have become insolvent.If you have been trying so far to carry into effect your claims from your cooperation partner, and if the debtor is unlikely to be in good financial condition, we will offer you help in filing a petition for bankruptcy for an unreliable contractor.

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