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As part of consultancy for business entities, we offer you protection against the behavior of other entrepreneurs who, disrupting the development of free competition, limit the possibility of freely implementing your business interests in the free market. We help in protecting the right to the company, trademarks or matters related to the theft of know-how. We help in pursuing claims related to acts of unfair competition, including even in misleading by impersonating another company, false or fraudulent designation of geographical origin, or misleading designation, goods and services, imitation of products if it can mislead customers as to the identity of the producer or product, violations of business secrets, inclination to termination or non-performance of the contract We know that knowledge is currently the most valuable carrier of the company’s value. We help to protect the company’s secrets by analyzing the company and introducing the legal framework for its functioning in cooperation with the company.

Working with contractors requires loyalty, while maintaining a fair view of their own interests. This results in the necessity of detailed formulation of the content of the agreements, respecting the particular interests of the parties and the equivalence of the benefits. We can offer you not only legal assistance in the protection of business secrets, but we also provide solutions that ensure durability for solutions obtained on the market, in the area of ​​copyright protection of proprietary copyrights.

For many years we have been dealing with legal protection of copyrights of authors – singers, musicians, conductors, photographers and others. We know how valuable creative work is, appreciating your commitment, we advise you on how to protect the interests of not only creators, but also cultural institutions. We provide comprehensive legal services for cultural institutions.

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