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We are the team of experts who will support you in any planned or ongoing investment process by the expertise and risk analysis. Due to our experience and recommendations, we can guarantee you the successful, capable and professional completion of investment processes in your company.

We provide advice on establishing companies, transforming them, merging and liquidation, as well as the current operation of companies and corporate matters. On a daily basis, we serve corporate bodies, their meetings and prepare draft documents, such as resolutions, minutes from the shareholders meeting. In terms of our interests, there are also all kinds of internal regulations of companies.

Within our services, we offer you the opportunity to benefit from a range of legal solutions that lead to the acquisition of another entity or to start with another entity. Due to the experience of legal advisers in ongoing transformations, we can also present you several options for restructuring your business, taking into account the specific nature of your business and, above all, tax conditions.

Considering our knowledgeable team, not only from various fields of law, but also from the economics area or industrial property and on the basis of constant cooperation with tax advisors, we can offer you a comprehensive pre-investment study, due diligence, which may concern several aspects, namely preceded by:

  1. purchasing of real estate,
  2. the decision to merge, split, transform the business entities,
  3. capital investment.

Due to the fact that due diligence usually precedes a transaction that is not strictly part of the current activity of the company, our support in this regard will allow you to make a rational decision as to the appropriateness of the project. A profound analysis will allow you to identify all endangerment and potential risks that may be associated with the implementation of a given project.

We offer both domestic and foreign investors prepared for a particular project. This service is a comprehensive support for clients who do not have time to formalities related to the establishment of a company and want to focus solely on the business aspect of their business. We provide you with a comprehensive preparation of your business formally and legally, which makes the customer can focus fully on the business.

With our experience in partnership with investment funds and private equity, we guarantee you restructuring of your business to increase its value in a professional manner and with the specificity of this business. Having a long-term practice in working with managers allows us to understand business expectations and advise not only through the prospect of legal regulations.

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