Criminal law and criminal proceedings

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From the beginning of our activity, we have been conducting all types of criminal, criminal and fiscal penal cases. Criminal cases are all cases where someone is suspected or accused of committing an act described in the penal code and other laws. All common crimes such as theft, misappropriation, robbery, defamation, and fencing belong to the widest category. In our office, we deal with all criminal matters. Below are a few examples of the issues that we conduct.

  1. cases for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs in and around Szczecin,
  2. cases of possession of drugs or other intoxicating substances,
  3. all criminal cases related to drug offenses,
  4. cases of accusations of fraud and extortion,
  5. cases of defamation and libel,
  6. matters regarding medical errors,
  7. cases of road accidents, assistance to perpetrators and injured in accidents,
  8. cases of beatings and other crimes against health,
  9. cases of accusations of theft, including documents, data and identity,
  10. criminal cases regarding misappropriations,
  11. matters of robberies and killings,
  12. cases of forgery of documents and money,
  13. matters about stalking,
  14. matters of organized crime groups,
  15. cases concerning abuse of powers and failure to fulfill competences.

We offer representation and representation to all parties to criminal proceedings, i.e. the aggrieved party, suspect, accused, private prosecutors, auxiliary prosecutors, civilians at every stage of the criminal proceedings, in particular we advise our clients even before initiating the pre-trial proceedings, we actively defend ourselves in the preparatory proceedings , we represent the victims at the stage of pre-trial proceedings, represent and defend our clients before courts of all instances, we represent and care for the interests of victims of all instances, we offer assistance in preparing a crime notification, we advise on how to secure their financial interests in criminal proceedings, we try to prevent the use of arrests in matters of our clients, we prepare appeals, cassation and all other necessary letters in criminal cases for our clients.

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