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Divergent interests of contractors cause that the management of dispute and conflict becomes the everyday life of every company. We are aware that the result of court proceedings translates into the financial position of companies, and the length of the process or execution is a pain for many entrepreneurs. We strive to make the most frequent court wins possible as a result of our services, and the services we provide were as efficient and time-efficient as possible. We have extensive experience in negotiating, arbitrating and representing clients before common courts.

Our lawyers represent Polish and foreign clients in disputes, appearing on their behalf in negotiations with contractors and before Polish and international institutions. We represent the interests of our clients before common courts, the Supreme Court, administrative courts, the Supreme Administrative Court and the Constitutional Tribunal.

We approach each case individually, analyzing the possibilities and risks associated with the dispute. We inform our clients on the course of proceedings. Our legal knowledge supports the experience that we gained through cooperation with entities operating in various sectors of the economy.

The Law Firm has conducted numerous litigations for clients, including from the construction industry and infrastructure, industrial, transport, trade, as well as from the real estate sector.

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