Małgorzata Łęczyńska-Smoter
legal advisor / restructuring adviser

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Legal advisor Małgorzata Łęczyńska-Smoter

The Graduate of the University of Szczecin: Faculty of Management and Economics of Services in the field of Marketing and Management and the Faculty of Law and Administration in the field of Law. Currently a PhD student at the Faculty of Law and Administration in Szczecin in the field of Company Law.

In 2014 she passed bar exam became attorney at law. She has a ggovermental restructuring adviser (trustee) license from the Ministry of Justice. Her qualifications as a manager are additionally confirmed by the ILM Certificate issued by The Institute of Leadership & Management in London. She conducted didactic classes at universities, post-graduate studies, as well as trainings and lectures at conferences and seminars.

The combination of economic and legal knowledge, allows herf to look at the problem from a wider perspective. She specializes in the issues of commercial law companies and business law. She participated in complex projects such as: squeeze-out, due-diligence and off-shore. In addition, she specializes in the issues of commercial contracts, and her interests include legal problems of business restructuring and the investment process.

A member of the District Chamber of Legal Advisers in Szczecin of the 10th term.

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