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Experience and specialization

We are the team of experts who will support you in any planned or ongoing investment process by the expertise and risk analysis. Due to our experience and recommendations, we can guarantee you the successful, capable (…)

Divergent interests of contractors cause that the management of dispute and conflict becomes the everyday life of every company. We are aware that the result of court proceedings translates into the financial position of companies, and  (…)

Changing business conditions often requires an immediate response to take advantage of the opportunity. Our team will provide you with a factual and legal analysis of your situation and you will receive a fair assessment of the situation (…)

As part of our advice to entities with accounting liquidity problems, we offer you our assistance in formulating restructuring and bankruptcy applications required by the new Bankruptcy Law and Restructuring Law. Due to our experience in restructuring the portfolio of liabilities  (…)

As part of consultancy for business entities, we offer you protection against the behavior of other entrepreneurs who, disrupting the development of free competition, limit the possibility of freely implementing your business interests in the free market. We help in protecting the right to (…)

In our office, we deal with all criminal matters. Criminal cases are all cases where someone is suspected or accused of committing an act described in the penal code and other laws. All common crimes such as theft, misappropriation, robbery, defamation,  (…)


We are a team of experienced attorneys and legal advisers who provide legal assistance to entrepreneurs and public entities. We support construction and the maritime industry, we help our clients to participate in the public procurement market on both sides of the barricade. We help polish cultural institutions. This diversity, combined with specialization, helps us understand the needs of our clients and look for unconventional solutions.

We always support our clients where the concept turns into reality. We know how difficult it is to make decisions on our own, why it is important to look at an idea differently. 

That is why we are partners for our clients in working on their success.

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